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From parking lots and roadways to buildings, concrete is a major player in your site’s design ? which means it’s an element you can’t afford to ignore.

Our in-house Concrete Division is ready to construct or repair any site concrete needs your property may have. We specialize in all phases of concrete site work, including slabs and foundations, curbs, drives, sidewalks, access ramps, valley gutters, site wall footings, concrete paving and decorative concrete.

Whatever your concrete needs, Rock Power can help. Request a free estimate today.


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    The use of concrete in parking lot and foundational construction is quite extensive. As your concrete contractor, we’ll walk you through the form-and-pour curbing application process to give you a better understanding of what all is involved with this service.

    Prior to placing your concrete curbing, we will perform any site design and survey, demolition, and/or earthwork your site may require. Once our survey team has identified and staked the area for curbing, our concrete crew will set the forms to the proper elevation lines. Next, the forms are oiled in preparation for the concrete. Once mixed, the concrete is poured into the forms. Our crew will then tool the joints and edges and broom finish per code. Once the concrete has cured, we will remove the forms.

    Your site is now ready for any additional phases of work required including new paving, asphalt replacement and striping or curb painting.

    Building Foundations: Also called slabs, building foundations are typically a single layer of concrete poured several inches thick, set on top of a properly stabilized and compacted pad.

    Curbs: Curbing can be either cast-in-place or extruded. While not as durable as cast-in-place concrete, extruded curbing (placed on top of the asphalt) is very cost-effective, especially when adding curbing to existing parking lots.

    Sidewalks: The pathways are most often constructed of concrete, primarily for its ability to maintain a straight, rigid edge.

    Access Ramps: Ramps are important to provide easy entrance to parking lots and buildings for people with limited mobility. These sloping inclines are often graded or textured to add traction for safety purposes.

    Driveway Approaches: These are the pathways between parking lots and streets. While appearing to be little more than a sidewalk with the curb removed, approaches are significant concrete structures that are designed to withstand considerable traffic.

    Valley Gutters: Valley gutters are used to carry water down the middle of parking lots and roadways, especially where drainage is slight, and where water moves frequently or slowly. In older parking lots that have poor drainage, concrete valley gutters can often be installed as a retrofit to improve the flow of rainwater and reduce further pavement deterioration.

    Concrete Paving: Just like it sounds, concrete can be used instead of asphalt for parking areas or access ways.

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